Mitsubishi SBS12N2TF Series AXiA XL Stacker

SBS12N2TF Series

Sit-on with telescopic forks

1.2 tonnes
24 Volts
AC Power

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Mitsubishi SBS12N2TF Series AXiA XL Stacker

AXiA sit-on stackers are a flexible and cost-effective choice for stacking and internal transport in warehousing, manufacturing, and anywhere else safe, productive stacking is required. Platform stackers are more commonly used for these tasks but typically have lower maximum lift heights.

AXiA XL models with telescopic forks enable more flexible handling of long loads and work with double deep racking setups. Double deep racking stores four pallets between aisles, reducing storage cost per square meter by up to 17% and increasing pallet locations by 25–30%.

Many businesses will also use reach trucks for stacking tasks where even a light reach truck may be over-specified for the job. If the work requires lifting to 7 m or less, the AXiA sit-on stacker makes for an excellent low-cost alternative.

Easy maintenance, high performance, long service intervals, and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks reliability make for a powerful package.

Model Load capacity
SBS12N2TF 1200 kg