Mitsubishi SBV/SBF12-16N3(I)(S)(R)(S) Series AXiA EM Platform Stacker

SBV/SBF12-16N3(I)(S)(R)(S) Series

Platform Stacker

1.25–1.60 tonnes
24 Volts
AC Power

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Mitsubishi SBV/SBF12-16N3(I)(S)(R)(S) Series AXiA EM Platform Stacker

The compact and versatile AXiA EM 1.25 and 1.60 tonne platform stacker series is the perfect choice for high level stacking applications, order picking, and transport operations in narrow spaces.

The series is available in foldable platform models with optional sidebars for use in narrow spaces, fixed platform rear entry models for fast operations where maximum operator protection is required, and fixed platform side entry models for easy on-off access on both sides for picking applications. There are also wide straddle models available to allow greater flexibility in pallet handling, including closed and specialised carrier material. These models also enable the use of a variety of special handling attachments e.g. spikes, clamps, rolls, etc. AXiA EM has a sturdy 4-point chassis where the drive system is designed to increase traction and stabilisation proportional to the load. This keeps the truck consistently stable for safe, productive performance and confident operation.

Plus, a choice of modes (Easy, ECO & PRO) allows users of all skill levels to work to the best of their abilities. An extensive range of mast models are available with AXiA EM to ensure the truck is aptly suited to the application. Duplex masts offer lift heights from 2690 mm to 4200 mm, while Triplex masts deliver lift heights from 4350 mm to 5400 mm.

An optional Initial Lift allows AXiA EM to serve as a double pallet handler for greater efficiency, with exceptional ground clearance for ease of use on uneven floors. AXiA EM has a built-in Li-ion battery for fast opportunity charging, making it the ideal stacker to support intense 24/7 operations that demand maximum uptime.

Model Load capacity
SBF12N3IR 1250 kg
SBF12N3IS 1250 kg
SBF12N3R 1250 kg
SBF12N3S 1250 kg
SBV12N3 1250 kg
SBV12N3I 1250 kg
SBF16N3IR 1600 kg
SBF16N3IS 1600 kg
SBF16N3R 1600 kg
SBF16N3S 1600 kg
SBF16N3SR 1600 kg
SBF16N3SS 1600 kg
SBV16N3 1600 kg
SBV16N3I 1600 kg
SBV16N3S 1600 kg